COSACOSA art at large, Inc. creates new public art specific to the concerns of Philadelphia neighborhoods in direct, long-term collaboration with city residents.

Through our multidisciplinary art and media projects, COSACOSA reasserts art's original role as a catalyst for community dialogue, creative cooperation, and positive change.

We promote parity among people of diverse backgrounds and differing abilities, while building citizen participation in local communities, as well as in society at large.

Our focus is on young people living in some of our city's most challenged neighborhoods.

We believe that art can change the world. Truly.
From thirty years working with community members in Philadelphia and abroad, we know art can make it better.

We envision a society that understands and values the essential need for art in its fundamental, ancient role as a powerful force for gathering, healing, and transforming community. In Philadelphia, individual citizens work together to build a better future for their common community -- our city, our nation, our planet -- outside the boundaries of ability, age, belief, culture, ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation. The worth and ability of every individual to contribute to the greater good is affirmed in opportunities for creative expression through the arts.

Within our organization and our constituent communities, we value:
integrity, honesty, and transparency
We build trust through clear, forthright professional and interpersonal communication.
We act toward others the way we would have others act toward us.
We embrace new ideas and continual learning.
We exemplify steadfastness and perseverance in achieving our goals. We do more with less.
equitable partnerships
We value collaboration and foster respectful, reciprocal relationships. We share information and resources.
diversity and inclusiveness
We empower each other. We welcome each person's unique gifts and work through each person's unique challenges; we are stronger together than alone.
personal responsibility and the common good
We strive to better ourselves, our communities, and our world. We are responsible for our actions and for each other.
An 80 foot long cloud of 1200 child-created ceramic objects connects two sets of open hands at Philadelphia International Airport.
Connection links Philadelphia International Airport terminals with over 1200 child-created ceramic objects exploring "what connects us?"
Surrounded by flowers, a toddler sits on an oversized tile mosaic "couch" in COSACOSA's North Philadelphia Healing Garden.
A small friend visits our Healing Garden in North Philadelphia's Nicetown-Tioga neighborhood.
Two children of differing ages and ethnicities help each other to create milagos, small metal objects representing their hopes and dreams.
Safe Harbor metal-working partners at the Free Library of Philadelphia create milagros for their hopes and dreams.