COSACOSA art at large, Inc. is a non-profit organization creating new public art specific to the concerns of Philadelphia neighborhoods in direct, long-term collaboration with city residents. COSACOSA reasserts art's original role as a catalyst for community dialogue, creative cooperation, and positive change. Since 1990, COSACOSA projects have brought together thousands of citizens of diverse backgrounds and differing abilities to learn about art, about each other, and about how to work together.
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Throughout 2022, our Inalienable project is exploring what sustains us. Amidst loss and change, what remains?

Philadelphians are gathering untold stories from their neighborhoods to create new, interdisciplinary public artworks. Inalienable supports grassroots efforts to redefine community and solidarity, while providing opportunities for intergenerational and intercultural exchange.

heck out our work online, at our Manayunk studio, and around the city as we share art and ideas on how to make it better!™

Technology Coaching

North Philadelphia residents! Would you like to improve your technology skills? Create your own website? Learn more about social media? Start your own online business? Advertise your services?

Sign up for FREE one-on-one coaching sessions this spring! All ages welcome!
Go to to schedule your session. (A Zoom link will be shared individually.)

Technology Coaching is sponsored by the Nicetown-Tioga Improvement Team (NTIT) and COSACOSA. For over 20 years, NTIT and COSACOSA have partnered to develop programs to support North Philadelphia neighborhoods and neighbors.

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