Above: St. Christopher's Hospital for Children before and after COSACOSA's Journey project. For more information, please see our Healing Art Project description.
Artist-Leaders: Dit Wah Deng, John DeVlieger, William Freeman, Rosita Kamihira, Trudy Kraft, Steve Layne, Betsy Leschinsky, Jim Mullahy, Lilli Ann Rosenberg, Remo Saraceni
Images from St. Christopher's Hospital for Children patient-centered and -created designs (counterclockwise from bottom left):
Radiology - Journey to Africa: Inside Outpost Baobab by John DeVleiger, oil on canvas, 30' X 10' (1997);
Admissions - Journey to the Stars: Cosmos by Trudy Kraft, gouache on paper, 12' x 3' (1996) and Journey to the Stars Quilt by Betsy Leschinsky (1997);
Atrium - Journey Around the Medicine Wheel: Frog Pond, ceramics, metal and found objects, 5' diameter (1997);
Waterfall Wall by Rosita Kamihira oil on wall board and glass,18' x 8' (1996);
North American Forest by William Freeman, Steve Layne and Jim Mullahy, 160' x 4 stories (1996);
Butterfly Mobile by Remo Saraceni, mylar and metal, 15' x 40' (1997).
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