COSACOSA art at large, Inc. is a non-profit organization creating new public art specific to the concerns of Philadelphia neighborhoods in direct, long-term collaboration with city residents. COSACOSA reasserts art's original role as a catalyst for community dialogue, creative cooperation, and positive change. Since 1990, COSACOSA projects have brought together thousands of citizens of diverse backgrounds and differing abilities to learn about art, about each other, and about how to work together.
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Throughout 2019, we're exploring the idea of kinship – how we are connected to others, whether through shared struggle, cultural practice, or family ties.

Working across generational, cultural, and political divides, our Relativity project is developing new ways to foster civil civic exchange and conflict resolution in city neighborhoods.

Community narratives – told and collected from multiple perspectives by city residents in collaboration with COSACOSA artists – form the basis for new public artworks created as part of the project.

Relativity uncovers the critical junctures where we are "kin" – points of convergence and possible reconciliation – to promote positive change in our relationships and for our shared communities.

Please join us in our Manayunk studio and around the city as we showcase public art and ideas about how to make it better!
Community Story Collection Days
Please join COSACOSA this summer at our North Philadelphia community partner organizations as we record stories to be installed in our Site and Sound Gardens. Come and share a piece of neighborhood history, a family remembrance, a funny anecdote, or an original story about healing, hope, and unity! Please email or call for specific locations and times.

Designed by residents
with COSACOSA artists, the Site and Sound Gardens project is part of our long-term partnership with the Nicetown-Tioga Improvement Team, other local community organizations, and schools to strategically plan for the neighborhood. These three green community spaces are filled with visual and audio art, flowers, and foods throughout the North Philadelphia.

Image above: Relativity, COSACOSA project logo from an original drawing by C.Castagno.
Images below:
At the Table, details of an 16' x 10' painting by COSACOSA artist Hein Koh, created in conversation with North Philadelphia community members.

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